Mushroom Makeover Challenge Week 1

March 2014

(I participated in "The 30 Day Mushroom Makeover Challenge" a campaign on behalf of mamavation for I received compensation as a thank you for participating) 

I am writing this post at the end of my first week participating in the Mushroom Makeover 30 Day Challenge. While other's taking this challenge are doing to with the goal of loosing weight and getting fit, since I am almost 24 weeks pregnant, I am focusing more on weight management and overall health. As part of the challenge I have been able to utilize the expertise of a personal trainer and nutritionist. 

To be really healthy it is important to not only eat well, but also be physically active. (i.e. working out) Since I have already been active in working out the biggest part of this challenge for me is the eating portion. Here are a 3 things that I have learned from our amazing nutritionist Corrine that have had the biggest impact on helping me create healthy eating habits: 

1- Always eat breakfast within an hour of waking up and within 30 minutes of working out in the morning.

2- Eat regularly, like every 3-4 hours 

3- Drink enough water. (like 2-3 liters a day)

It has taken conscious effort to apply these 3 rules into my daily life this week, but as I have done so, I have noticed a marked difference. I have more energy and generally feel better both It has taken conscious effort to apply these 3 rules into my daily life this week, but as I have done so, I have noticed a marked difference. I have more energy and generally feel better both physically and mentally.

The other part of the 30 day mushroom makeover challenge is to incorporate mushrooms into my diet. I am required to make over at least 4 meals a week with mushrooms (either replacing or supplementing meat).  Though I grew up in a house where mushrooms were never on the menu, I have discovered how delicious they can be. I have loved the meals I have made using mushrooms so much I find myself finding ways to incorporate them into more. In addition to the recipes I share with you in this and the next 3 posts I will write as I take this challenge, you can find some awesome recipes at  Read Full Post...

Wait... It Costs HOW MUCH To Get Into Disney World Now??

February 2014


Magic doesn't come cheap these days.

Admission fees at Walt Disney World in Florida have jumped for the second time in less than a year, with a single-day ticket to the Magic Kingdom now costing $99 for ages 10 and up.

That's a $4 increase over the prices announced last June.

Tickets for ages 3-9 now cost $93 for a one-day ticket, while the under-3 set will continue to get in free.

Ticket prices also jumped by $4 at the three other theme parks at Walt Disney World, with a single-day admission to Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios or Disney's Animal Kingdom now costing $94 for ages 10 and up and $88 for ages 3-9.

"Our pricing reflects the high quality and breadth of experiences we offer and our ongoing commitment to investing in our parks," Disney spokesman Bryan Malenius told the Orlando Sentinel. "We offer a variety of ticket options that provide a great value, and find that most guests select multi-day tickets that offer additional savings."

While last year's price hikes hit visitors to Walt Disney World as well as Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, the latest increase appears confined to Florida. The Florida parks are home to the company's new high-tech wristband-based ticketing and ride reservation system, called MyMagic+.

What do you think of the new prices?


Pediatric Smiles of Orem Review

I have a confession to make. I hate going to the dentist. Just the thought of going makes me ill. Part of the problem would have to be that due to being in a state of constant magnesium deficiency (due to a genetic heart condition) I have always had bad teeth no matter how hard I try to take care of them. The other reason would just have to be that I have had some crummy dentist experiences in my life that have led to more than one nightmare. 

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**Last Minute Valentine's Idea!**

February 2014


Are you looking for an easy last minute Valentine idea? I made these super easy Valentines for my daughters ballet class!

:: I got 6 squeeze-it drinks for $1 at Walmart and a bag of Kisses for $1.50.

:: Stuck the Kisses in a bag

:: Put a ribbon on it

:: And you're done!

I made this little tag to put on them as well. You can find the font here.

These would be great to print on address labels and just stick on.

So easy and super cheap too!!


The Joys of Motherhood and The Products That Help Us

February 2014


This post is brought to you in collaboration with JustGoGirl. All content, ideas, and words are my own.

I absolutely love almost every single aspect of motherhood, even the late nights up with a sick child, the screaming, tantrums, crying all have there place. Without the lows you would never realize how amazing those high's are. Those moments of absolute joy have so much more meaning. The First "I love you mama" the tight hugs, and the thank you's wouldn't be as sweet if that was the only part of motherhood. There is one part of motherhood though that I feel doesn't have a place and unfortunately after childbirth it happens to so many of us... the dreaded leaking! It could quite possibly be the worst thing that happens to your body after having a child.

I can deal with the stretch marks, parts of me that sag a little more than they used to and that fight to get back to my normal size, but I can't handle the stress of having leaking while working out or even with just coughing or sneezing. It's embarrassing and all you want is to have your old bladder back, but unfortunately that's not going to happen.

Luckily that doesn't mean you can't do something about it! When you go to the gym or go jogging with friends you don't want to leak, but you also don't want to be wearing a bulky pad. Nowadays most women's workout wear is pretty tight fitting and a pad is the last thing you want to be showing off. Normal pads aren't shaped for leaks they are bulky in the front and back, where you only need protection in the front with athletic leaks. That's why I was super excited when I ran across Just Go Girl pads! They have more of a teardrop shape with more protection in the front, right where you need it.

Now you can jog, run, do jumping jacks or whatever you want and have confidence that no matter what you are completely protected. I was also shocked to see that they can hold a lot, they hold as much as a bulky incontinence pad at 140ml. It can be uncomfortable enough while working out, do you really need another thing to worry about? I want to go about my day it complete confidence.

Just Go Girl Facts:

:: They are incredibly light

:: They are super comfortable - absolutely no chafing

:: Can absorb 140ml -  for extreme protection

:: Awesome shape and design to keep it completely concealed while working out. No one will even notice

:: They are awesome for active women

:: Can also be great for anyone that experiences leaks while sneezing, coughing, or any other times. Make sure to wear one when you are away from home and you will be protected.

So if you are plagued by this one little pitfall of motherhood it's time to do something about it! You don't have to shy away from going to the gym or even just enjoying life, hurry over and check out Just Go Girl and how they can make your day better!


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