LazyOne: Pajamas You'll Want to Wear all Day!

We have a holiday tradition that I know a lot of other families do as well; holiday jammies! We love opening up new pajamas on Christmas Eve and sleeping in our new and typically adorable Christmas pajamas. This year though we got them a little bit early and they are so much cuter and better than years past.

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Speech Blubs: Speech Development That Works!

December 2019

Those first milestones for your child can always feel overwhelming. You want them to be in line with their peers and not fall behind, but it’s natural for kids to have certain areas that they struggle with and that’s where amazing tools like Speech Blubs become invaluable.

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White Birch: My Go-To Toothpaste for a Healthy Smile!

December 2019
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We all want a beautiful smile. It’s one of the first things others notice about us and not having very pearly whites can be a major kick to our self-confidence. Unfortunately, when you hit the dental care aisle at any drug store it can be confusing exactly which product will work the best and yield the best results.

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Mamas Spot 2019 Must Have Holiday Gift Guide!

It's Cyber Monday!! You know what that means... it's time to get started on your holiday shopping!

That's why I am so excited to share with you the Mamas Spot 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! I love giving unique gifts that make a lasting impression and I wanted to create a gift guide this year that will help you to do the same!

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Learning Dynamics Reading System: The Stress Free Way to Teach Reading!

With the school season in full swing, our family has been looking into different resources that could be beneficial to our kids this school year. A struggle that we find ourselves coming back to and I believe a lot of parents have the same issue is keeping up with reading. Keeping kids reading at their grade level can prove difficult and not every child learns the same or is receptive to techniques used in the classroom. This year I knew we needed to turn to a system or program that is proven to help kids get ahead. I did my research and came across the Learning Dynamics Reading System.

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