Your Must Have Guide to Family Fun in Redondo Beach

If you are planning a family trip soon to the Los Angeles area, there is one little spot you can’t miss. You will want to break out of LA and head 20 minutes south to Redondo Beach! Here you will find adventure and fantastic memories for the whole family. Here is our family’s go-to guide for making the most out of your time in Redondo Beach!

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Think you know Nevada? Think again! What you missed on your last trip!

Las Vegas… if you ask my 8 year old daughter her favorite place we’ve been so far, her response is unequivocally “Las Vegas”. Not exactly what you would expect a kid to say, more like a response from an early 20 something, but there are some pretty great reasons why this is her favorite destination. It’s also not just Vegas, both our kids love everything about Nevada and what it holds for us during our family travels.

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Vegas Indoor Skydiving - Another Wild Side to Vegas!

October 2016

Our family has been to Vegas countless times, and yet there still seems to be more to explore and do every time we are there. Just when you think you have seen it all, something new pops up or you find something you didn’t know existed.

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The Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone - 4 Star Luxury with a Twist of Nature

While I love being outdoors, I am far cry from a “camping girl”. I love nature up to a point. I have always been this way and now that I am a mother I feel even more strongly against the difficulties of “roughing it”. My kids get messy enough on a regular day at home; I don’t need to complicate things by having them surrounded by dirt and mud. So when we recently planned a trip to Yellowstone I wanted our family to have an authentic experience, while at the same time not ending up covered in dirt and smelling like campfire.

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Medora North Dakota - The Best Kept Secret in the Midwest!

September 2016

When travelers set out onto the open road, they tend to look at the coastlines as their final destination. After all, that’s where you find the “happiest places on earth,” right? Is that really all this great country has to offer? Two great coastlines?

When traveling through the middle of the country, it’s rarely thought of as being the destination. And yet, those states, the “fly over” or “drive straight through” states have so much more to offer a family vacation than you would ever know, if just got off the interstate. It’s time to get to know these states personally. If you plan on always skipping the great Mid-West, you are choosing to skip a land steeped rich in history, hidden fun treasures, beautiful landscapes, nature like you’ve never seen, and so much more. Let’s dive into one of those states and stay for a while!

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