Five Tips for Planning a Fantastic Multigenerational Family Trip!

Planning a vacation for just your immediate family can be overwhelming, let alone throwing in grandparents and other extended family members. We have done many multigenerational trips due to the benefits for our whole family. Grandparents get to have new experiences with their grandkids, and grandchildren get memories that they will always remember. We have many fantastic multigenerational trips, but there are some drawbacks that, if not prepared for, can put a huge damper on the whole trip.

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Taking a Chance on Colombia - Our Families First International Trip

When I first started planning our trip to Colombia, I would tell people about it and the reaction was generally the same from everyone - a look of confusion followed by, “Colombia, really?”. The responses I received even made me question this trip and whether or not it was a good idea. It can be challenging for travelers to think outside of the box and even begin to contemplate visiting a developing country like Colombia. Even though my husband and I had already traveled to other countries this would be the first international trip with the kids and I was starting to think I was in over my head.

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Five Reasons Idaho Should be on Your Family's Travel Bucket List!

When looking for the perfect family destination, most families usually start with theme park vacations thinking it will be a blast and have plenty of fun moments for every member of the family. The reality, though, is usually very different from what you expect. Instead of feeling rested and recharged, everyone comes home completely drained (both physically and monetarily) and you almost need a vacation from your vacation. While theme parks have their place, they aren’t what ultimate family vacations are made of. If you are looking for a vacation that will not only recharge your family, but also strengthen relationships and bring you closer together this summer, you need to head to Idaho!  The great outdoors are calling this summer, and you won’t find more beauty and adventure than what Idaho holds for you. There are a lot of amazing family summer destinations, but none quite like Idaho. Here are my five reasons Idaho should be added to your family’s travel bucket list this summer!

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Kids Quest: A Must See at Green Valley Ranch!

Kids notoriously get excited about seemingly small things. While traveling all I hear most days are the phrases, “mom, I want that!” or, “mom can we do that?!” While it can be tempting to give in to their requests since you’re in vacation mindset, there are some things you know will affect them in a profound way. I knew this when we decided to take them to Kids Quest, which is located inside of the Green Valley Ranch Resort.

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Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner: Your Ultimate DC Family Hotel

I have a list of hotels that I rely on for a certain feel - an appeal that only they can provide, or their so-called niche. They bring something to the table in my favorite destinations that no one else can give me. Whether it’s an international destination or here at home, I have my "go-to hotel.” Be it NYC, Paris, London, Tokyo, LA, or even New England in the fall, I know where I am going to feel completely taken care of and relaxed.

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