Prevent Learning Loss with Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Activities!

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With summer in full swing, I am already hearing the classic “Mom I’m bored!” between that and my concern of them forgetting all they have learned throughout the year - I knew I had to start incorporating some fun learning activities into our summer. Learning loss just means all that time spent practicing was a waste for both your child and their teacher. 

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Ditch the Tent and Get a Better Experience with Provo Fireworks!

June 2015

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Provo Fireworks. I have been compensated for my time, but as always the opinions in this post are mine! 

It’s that time of year again... time to light stuff on fire and blow it up! (Safely of course) My kiddos couldn’t be more excited and I’m pretty excited too. The 4th of July is a pretty big deal around our house and when it comes to fireworks we don’t mess around. We love watching all the vibrant colors, flashes, and sparks, but what I don’t love is what it does to my bank account afterward. 

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Be A Backyard Superhero!!

March 2015

As a homeschooling mom of two it can seem overwhelming at times all the subjects and lessons I want to teach my kids, but then I am reminded some of the best lessons are those simple ones that stick with you for life. I feel it is vitally important for our children to understand how to take care of the spaces around them and this includes the space they have to play in outside.

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Teespring: Allows you to create & sell custom tees with zero upfront costs!!


Having a fundraiser, or even a family reunion? 

If you're looking for some really great shirts, I've found a great place for you to pick out a design, and sell them!

Teespring is an crowdfunding platform for groups that helps you to create a great t-shirt for any sort of get together, family reunion, fundraiser, or just to have cute matching t-shirts. 

Teespring even has a great design template you can use to create your t-shirts. 

If you are selling the shirts, you, the seller, get all of the profit, and the shirts ship when the order is complete, so there is no need for getting the money up front. 

You also get to choose the date to end your sale, and that's when Teespring will print and ship your shirts.

This is a great idea whether you're raising money for a specific goal, or even if you need some extra money. 

You find out the cost of the shirts you're creating, while designing them. Anything over that price will be yours when you sell them. 

It gives you a great bulk rate for 50 shirts, but you can add to that number, if you need to. 

You could make your own sayings, put them on shirts, and sell them at a swap meet, street fairs, or just about anywhere.

When you create your design, you can add your own pictures, use one of their clipart pieces, or just use lettering, it's simple, and a great way to put some extra money in your pockets, or to donate to your favorite charities.

The entire process is simple, and painless, and in the end, you find yourself with a great number of shirts that you've designed yourself. 

What you do with them is up to you, and any profit will be yours, FREE and clear.

Be sure to head over here and check them out!


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