Halloween Costume Contest!

Here are the entries for our Fright-fully cute Halloween costume contest!!

You can vote for as many as you want, but can only vote once per day! To see details on the prizes, go here.

Contestants can vote as well! Be sure to spread the word to help you win!

If you have a top favorite be sure to share it with your friends on Facebook!

This will run from now till Oct, 31st at 12:00 AM EST.

Good luck everyone!

Entry #1

Mckenzie is wild little one who thinks she can do it all! So, her parents dressed her up as Super Girl!

Entry #2

Hungry anyone? Head on a platter. Super cheap and easy!

Entry #3

Anyone up for a frozen head? This family always makes their costumes and it looks lie they came out great!

Marryann, plans out her kids costumes in late August, and her husband helps her construct them!

*Voting for the fridge costume only*

Entry #4

Conner is 1 1/2 years old and his whole family is dressing up as The Rubbles from The Flintstones!

Jennifer (Conner's mom)  handmade all of their costumes!

Entry #5

Stone's dad is a soldier and was deployed to Iraq. He said he wanted to be a super hero like his Dad. Who better than Captain America!

Entry #6

Isabella is dressed as a cute lady bug. She loves to smile and talk!

Entry #7

Here is another cute little buggy! Bryson loves to buzz around the house and walk all over the place and laugh while having fun!

Entry #8

"Monkeying Around the Pumpkin Patch" This was the first time little Nicolas had been to a pumpkin patch!

Entry #9

Carol's son is going as the Tin-man this year! He should definitely be warm this Halloween!

Entry #10

All dressed up as a Lollipop Princess! Complete with lollipops in her hair!

Entry #11

Crystal's little girl is going as a Barbie Three Musketeer!

Her mother custom made the hat! Used a pirate sword and painted it pink and gold. Skirt turns into a cape. Her favorite costume yet!

Entry #12

Taylor loves everything pirate! So guess what he dressed up as for Halloween?


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