*Review* Build A Dream Playhouses!

September 2011

So I recently was sent something pretty cool!! I got a huge box on my doorstep and it was a snack shack from Build A Dream Playhouses!

I have to say I felt like a little kid getting this, I would have loved this as a kid!

We opened it up and with some really cute begging from my little girl my husband put it together.

I was surprised how easy and fast it was!

This is what it looked like before I painted it (bad camera day, sorry)

The kids immediately loved it, my little girl started offering play food to everyone acting like she had her own little store.

Build A Dream Playhouses has 6 different designs, and range from $39.95-59.95. I received the really cute Snack Shack.

Each and every product is tested to conform to the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). They have also gone the extra mile to do testing not mandated by law to further ensure the safety of their products that they bring to market. Their products are manufactured from 80% recycled materials that result in an end product that is 100% recyclable.*

I was surprised how durable the cardboard was. It can stand some rough play. My little ones were pushing it's limits about 5 minutes after it was put together and it held up perfectly! My little boy thought it was fun to try and push it around the room while at the same time my little girl was protesting and pulling it in the opposite direction. We have had it for a week, and no issues with the structural integrity so far.

Features of the Snack Shack- 

– Two serving windows
– Double layered counter-tops for increased weight bearing
– Under-the-counter storage space
– Interchangeable signs and menus

The cardboard box has been an outlet for children’s creativity for years. Build A Dream Playhouses have yet to find an adult that cannot recollect a childhood memory of playing in a box. From traveling through time, to flying through space, to sailing the open seas, a child’s imagination allows a cardboard box to transcend all that is material. THAT is the essence of Build a Dream Playhouses.

Build A Dream Playhouses believe that imaginative play is absolutely critical to the developing minds of children. That is why they created a line of products centered on creativity and imagination. They supply the blank canvas for children to paint their dreams.

You can check out all of their products here on the Build A Dream Playhouses website.

I loved my little girls reaction to it, it opened up her imagination to endless possibilities. One day it was a store the next a puppet theater. It has become a big part of her play. Everyday she is making me food from the "restaurant" or wanting me to watch a puppet show.

The endless possibilities make this a wonderful stage for kids imaginations to take off!

It doesn't come with anything to decorate it, but I love that it's a blank canvas so a child's imagination can come to life.

Make sure you check them out here!


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