FREE L'oreal Hair Color!! FREE Codes!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Are you part of the L'oreal rewards program? If not you will definitely want to get in on it!

Register for L’Oreal Gold Rewards program and you will get a FREE L’Oreal Paris hair color product after you buy 5!!

Simply purchase your favorite L’Oréal Paris hair color product. Sign in and enter the code found within your box. Each code entered will equal 1 Credit. Once you reach 5 Credits, you will earn your 6th box FREE!!

Plus a members-only Perk is announced on Golden Monday – the first Monday of a selected month.

This is when you can snag a special offer, just for entering a code. Plus, the code you enter for a Perk still earns you 1 Credit, good toward a FREE box.

The next Golden Monday Perk will be available on 3/5/12.

Here are some codes for you to enter, if you do not have any. Remember, you can enter only 2 codes max per month!

Feria #36 HE192

Feria #67 12G400

Feria #56 12G600

Preference shade 5A 12G800a

Preference shade 5 HE288

Preference shade 5 12G502

Preference shade 6 12F509

Preference shade 5 12G606

Preference shade 6 12H104

Preference shade 5 12F900

Superior Preference #4R Dark Auburn 12G401

Sign up today and be ready when the next Golden Monday Perk offer goes live on 3/5/12.

Thanks, I Crave Freebies!


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