*FREE* Full Sized Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent!

May 2012


Update: Smiley 360 is looking to recruit readers for one of their exciting missions!

You get a chance to qualify to receive free Arm & Hammer laundry detergent!

Hurry over to see if you qualify!!

So I have been talking a lot about Smiley360 lately.

I am a huge fan! It’s an awesome program where you can get full size products to test and keep and other goodies.

They have had cool missions like, Mickey Mouse Bandaids, Snuggle Fabric Softener, Redbox Codes, Pam Cooking Spray, Pyrex Pans, and so much more!!

They are always looking for new members to help their community grow.

If you haven’t joined, head over and create your FREE Account to get in on all the fun!! Remember this is for both men & women!!

From time to time they post new ‘missions’ for FREE product tests.

These Missions will be located on your My Smiley360 Page. You can choose to accept them, and if chosen your products will be mailed out by a date specified on the site.

You can then earn smiles to bring your status up. You get smiles everytime you share, refer a friend, review the product, etc.

Sometimes they post Surveys on your My Smiley360 Page to see if you will qualify for a new mission.

It’s always best to do the surveys and accept the missions as soon as you see them.

Sometimes there are limited spots, so being quick is helpful.

This is one of my most favorite companies!! They send out some of the BEST freebies!!


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