FREE Automatic Computer Backup! Protect your files, videos, pictures & More!!

June 2012


With all the craziness going on in the world, flooding, fires and other chaos. I have started thinking about all the things I need to have in place, to keep what's important to me safe.

With couponing I have been able to make a pretty good food storage in case of an emergency.

And my my husband and I know what we need to do to protect our children in case of an emergency, which unfortunately will probably be a really big earthquake (with where we live)

One thing that usually gets overlooked though is your computer, I know I have tons of pictures, family videos and documents that I wouldn't want to loose if anything ever happened.

So I started to use SugarSync!

SugarSync is right now offering FREE online backup for 5 GB worth of files!

You can easily back up your entire computer and with this service it is continuous and automatic, you don’t need to go in and manually do anything.

It was really easy for me and most importantly secure!

The files are encrypted so only you can access them and here is the cool thing, you can access your files from any OTHER computer or even a smartphone!

I believe everyone could benefit from something like this!

If you ever got a virus on your computer, it would be ok because you would have this as a back up!


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