350 Miles! Can I Do It?

June 2012


I am really trying to lose weight this summer! I am so tired of being over weight!

So I have started bike riding as my exercise routine. Above is what I have done so far this month, unfortunately the first week of June wasn't very good, but I definitely improved on the next weeks!

My goal for this month is 350 miles! Do you think I can do it? I hope so! I did 29.16 miles on Friday which is the most I have ever done.

I tried convincing my hubby that it was due to the hour massage that I got that day. Laughing (hoping to get more! haha!)

I will try to do some before pictures soon, so you can see my progress.

Although I am having a hard time being ok with any of the pictures I take! Tongue out

I would also love to hear about your weight loss story, or what your plans are!


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