Coupon Fraud Ring BUSTED! Over 25 million in fraudulent coupons!

July 2012


Yesterday in AZ, a MAJOR coupon fraud ring was busted. They had over 25 million in fraudulent coupons that they were selling.

From the article:  

“The Coupon Information Corporation is calling this the largest counterfeit coupon case the industry has ever seen.

These investigators discovered most of the fake coupons were being used in Arizona. Investigators also found that the coupons were being sold through the website,

“They are variations, reproductions of what were at one point legitimate coupons,” said Bud Miller with the Coupon Information Corporation.

So the coupons often worked and as a result manufacturers lost millions.

Police say the scope of the investigation and the economic impact are massive with hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

“We’re talking about anywhere from $400 to $600 million in loss,” said Holmes. “This is to American companies who produced American products and hire American citizens.”

Miller said consumers should never pay money for coupons.

“If you’re a consumer out there and you purchased coupons from this website you certainly should not use them. You are subject to arrest,” said Miller.”

Never, Never, Never pay for coupons that you did not buy yourself from the Sunday paper. Even from insert companies who sell the whole inserts, you can NOT be certain where the inserts are coming from. There is ALWAYS the possibility that they were stolen from the newspapers that YOU were supposed to be getting.

I have seen SO MANY emails from readers who have ordered coupons from Ebay, only to get obvious copies of internet printed coupons and coupons to good to be true in value for brands.

Coupons are a form of cash. You will be prosecuted for using fraudulent coupons. If you need more information you can go to the Coupon Information Center. 

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