Get FREE Music on Spotify! Plus Reader Experiences!

July 2012


Have you heard of Spotify?

Spotify is a program you download and install for FREE onto your computer. 

From there, you can search and listen to millions of songs for FREE! 

Give it a try! Simply head over here to sign up for Spotify and start listening to music for FREE today!

Gotta love FREE music!

Here is what reader Michelle and Holly said about Spotify:

Michelle: "Approximately 3 months ago, I was trying to clean up my computer. In doing so, I found that none of my music was playing any longer in iTunes, and thought I had lost hours of time and loads of music that I had uploaded (most of which I had given away or sold the CD's). I was so sad I put it all away and just couldn't bring myself to go back to it to see what had happened.

The other day you posted Spotify on here. I don't usually upload and use such things, but I thought I'd try it out. Well, much to my surprise ... I opened it up to look at it this morning and THERE WAS ALL MY MUSIC THAT I THOUGHT I HAD LOST!

I'm so excited! What a terrific surprise! Thank you so much!!!" 


Holly: "I used to listen to Pandora or Youtube all the time, but this is so much better! This has now become my go to music source, thank you for recommending it!"


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