Top 10 Entries for the $50 American Express Gift card!!

August 2012


Entry 1: "I'm the king of the worrrrrr..." SPLAT!"

Entry 2: "Who cares if this makes my butt look big?!?! I'm fabulous;)"

Entry 3: "Ok ladies. Ready now? Streeeeeeetch! That's right, hold it right there!"

Entry 4: "Single and ready to mingle!"

Entry 5:"Y.M.C.A It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A
You can get yourself clean you can have a good meal
You can do whatever you feel"

Entry 6:"It was this big, I swear! You should have seen it"!!

Entry 7:"Come on everybody! Do the Jitterbug!"

Entry 8:"And there you have it folks, an insect that CAN cross the road without going splat!"

Entry 9:"what you think your bigger than me?" let me at em, let me at em. put em up. put em up.

Entry 10:"Hey look at that body, hey look at that body, Yeah. I work out."


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