*HOT* Make up to $15 a week from Jingit Just Watching Ads! Save $210 by Christmas!!!

September 2012


Just wanted to do a reminder on this!

It’s true!! In case you are not familiar with Jingit, you can watch ads and earn money from Jingit (up to $15 per week!!)

Heather over at Freebies4Mom, has readers who are hitting their weekly limits, and she has made $12.77 in only two days!!

Plus, you can also earn Box Tops for your school!

How to Sign-up for Jingit:

1. Visit Jingit on your computer here

-OR- Download the Jingit iTunes or Android App

2. Fill out the Registration Form (your name, email, zip code, birthdate, and mobile number)

-you must have a Facebook account-

3. Verify your Registration with a verification code sent to your mobile number

4. Start watching ads! Select “Next” after you watch an ad and answer survey questions.

Note: Be sure to log-in several times a day to earn more for ads that have reset!

How do you earn money?
You can watch Jingit ads on your computer or on with the Jingit mobile app. Then answer easy survey questions about the ad you just viewed.

If you “Check-In” with Jingit and scan products while at Walmart you can earn more money! (but this is not required)

How much can you earn?
There is a $10.00 weekly earning limit but you can raise it to $15.00 by sharing Jingit with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Since Jingit features ads for national brands, no matter if you live in a big city or small town,  you should be eligible to view most of the ads.

How do you use the money you’ve earned?
After you’ve earned at least $3.00 you can sign-up for the Jingit Visa Debit Card so you can transfer your earnings to a card you can spend them with.

Thanks Jessica's Coupons and Freebies4Mom!


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