One Kings Lane: Free $15 Credit (Still Available!) *HOT* Toy Scenario on Melissa and Doug Toys!!

December 2012


If you’re a new member, first head on over here to sign up for a new account to score your $15 off $30 new member credit!

Then, head on over here to browse through the selection of Melissa & Doug toys, Baby items, and more!

Your credit will automatically be applied to your order during the checkout process.

If you’re looking to score a few Christmas presents on the cheap or are a fan of Melissa & Doug products, be sure to check out these awesome NEW sales on – starting today through 12/13!

As I mentioned previously, new members can still head on over here and sign up for a new account to receive $15 off a purchase of $30 or more.

Pair this new member credit with this sale and you’ll be able score some great deals…plus they’ll arrive in time for Christmas!

Here’s a sweet Toy scenario:

*Grab you FREE $15 credit here first!

* Buy 1 Melissa & Doug Wooden Fridge Food Set for $15
* Buy 1 Melissa & Doug Wooden Pantry Set for $15
* Total = $30
* Minus $15 off a purchase of $30 or more (New Members) will automatically be applied
* Plus $6.95 shipping
* Final Price: ONLY $10.98 per item!

As a price comparison, Amazon has these same toys priced from $15-$16 each with great reviews, so this seems like a pretty sweet deal!

Thanks Hip2Save!


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