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January 2013


If you’re looking for Kids’ Valentine poems, these will have you covered!

There is a Valentine poem here for just about every member of the family that any child will be glad to copy, color, paste, glue, glitter, and glam up to make a very special, decorative, and memorable Valentine.

Valentine Poems for Kids from Kids

Remember those days of Valentine’s when you were in school? These special Valentine poems for kids from kids will be unique and so much fun for your kids to give away.

Best Friends Forever
Friends are clever,
Friends are true,
Best Friends forever–
Me and You!
Be Mine!

A Special Friend
A special friend
is by your side
During long classes and
late bus rides.
A special friend
has a laugh to share
when it seems that
no one else is there.
A special friend
is always true.
My pick for a Valentine
is someone like you!

Won’t You Be Mine?
Valentine’s candy and
Chocolates so sweet.
Valentine’s hearts
with sayings so neat:
Chill Out, Text Me,
Cutie Pie, My Treat.
Valentine’s flowers
With fragrance divine,
On this Valentine’s Day,
Won’t you be mine?

Valentine Poems for Parents from Kids

There’s nothing like these sweet Valentine poems for parents from kids. If you know of a single mom or dad, be sure to see the one below that will fit that situation too.

The Only Mom Like You
Hearts are red,
Eyes are blue,
You’re the only Mom
like you.
Be mine!

The Champion Dad
In the Super Bowl of dads,
you’re the quarterback.
In the World Series of life,
I know you’ve got my back.
In the World Cup of reaching goals,
there’s nothing that you lack.
You’re the best dad that there is–
a champ! (And that’s a fact!)
Be mine!

A Big Heart
I couldn’t make a heart
big enough to show you
my love.
If I did, it would be:
deeper than the Grand Canyon,
higher than Mount Everest, and
Wider than the heavens.
That’s a big heart!
You can’t see it, but
just know that it is beating in me….
Be My Valentine!

Kids’ Valentine Poem for a Single Mom (or Single Dad)

Below is a kids valentine poem for a single mom (or single dad). It’s easily adapted to fit whatever you need.

I Will Always Love You
Mom, I know you do your best for me.
I see you working hard.
I know you’re tired and on your own,
so I made you this card.
Valentine’s is not just about romance,
dinner, flowers, and a dance.
It’s about a love that’s true.
And Momma, I will always love you.
Be My Valentine!

Valentine Poems for Kids to Give a Sister

They might fuss and fight and squabble, but there will still be a need for Valentine poems for kids to give a sister.

Sisters are Pretty
Sisters are pretty and kind and nice.
(But they don’t like snails or bugs or mice.)
They like to laugh and color and draw.
They like to run and jump and play ball.
My sister likes to play with me–
She’s the best sister ever, you see.
So today I’m asking her to be mine,
A very special Valentine!

A Sister Like You
I love having a sister like you.
You’re smart and pretty and fun.
You’re the bestest friend I have–
I couldn’t ask for a better one.
Be my Valentine!

Valentine Poems for Kids to Give a Brother

Valentine poems for kids to give a brother are so special. Brothers need a little attention on Valentine’s Day too!

Brothers are There
Rugged and rough,
Tussled and tough,
Brothers are there to protect.
Kind and caring,
Gallant and good,
Brothers are command our respect.
Smart and sassy,
Playful and proud
A brother the best will expect.
You’ll always be by my side,
That’s why I’m asking:
Be mine!

Kid’s Valentine Poem to a Solider

This kid’s Valentine poem to a soldier is perfect for someone who has family member or friend serving our country. It’s also very special to send to any soldier so that our troops know we are thinking of them and their very great sacrifice.

Be Mine, Soldier!
For all you do so I can
Go to school,
Play outside,
Run around,
Fall down, and
Get back up again.
For all you see there,
so I don’t have to see it here.
For the risks you take
So I can make
the choices of a kid:
Which hat to wear,
Which crayon to use,
What book to read,
What team to choose.
That looks like love to me.
Be My Valentine.

A Kid’s Valentine Poem for a Teacher

Teachers deserve a sweet Valentine from the kids and parents too! Below find Valentine poems for a teacher.

A Valentine’s Day Test for My Teacher
I thought I would ask you
a question today, Teacher,
Because you are so good at
Asking me. Ready?
Two plus two?
Twelve times six?
This question’s not that easy.
The ninth president?
The capital of Texas?
This question’s way more cheesy.
Get ready now,
and study hard
To get a good grade
on your report card.
Here comes the question—
Take your time:
Will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Teacher
This special day of love
Calls for a note of gratitude.
And I just want to thank you so
For all the things you do.
You care for your students
(And parents alike).
You give all of yourself
To our little tykes.
It goes not unnoticed
Your daily sacrifice.
Your costly work is
Valued at the greatest price.
Happy Valentine’s Day

This Valentine is perfect for a teacher, a scout leader, Sunday school worker, or anyone who gives their time to children.

We Love You for Who You Are
Valentine’s Day reminds me
Of a love increasingly rare:
The love shown giving of yourself,
Expressing how much you care.
Investing in another’s child,
Sowing seeds in a future generation—
That’s the love that sets apart
A people and a nation.
You’re a rare breed, an unsung hero,
A backstage superstar.
This Valentine’s Day please know without doubt—
We love you for who you are.

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