A LITTLE HONEY FOR OUR LITTLE BEES! Wittlebee is giving away a $500 Grocery Gift Card!!! Hurry!

January 2013


Update: Wittlebee is giving away a $500 Grocery Gift Card!!! Who wouldn't love to have that?!! Here is how to enter (super easy!!!):

1. Head over here first and enter your email and if you have kiddos.

2. Head over here and simply put in your email and you are entered!!!

Is anyone else getting sick of junk mail and bills? Um, hello? You too? Well, here’s a way to send yourself (or a friend!) a little smile once a month. Welcome to the world of Wittlebee kids clothing club!  

If you’ve never heard of it, listen up. You are going to love it. You fill out a profile on Wittlebee. And every month you get a box of clothes. SNAP. So easy! And oh so fun!

Keep one step ahead and have something fresh and new in the next size up.  If you hate shopping, this is so awesome.

If you love shopping (like me), this is so awesome. You never know what you are going to get! Oh how we love getting fun mail. Oh how we love new clothes!!!

With Wittlebee, a box of 6 pieces of clothing, at $6 each, will be delivered to your house just like that!

These boxes of clothes are of high quality and contain about $100 in retail value of clothes.

Every month you will receive a different box of clothes, tailored to that season.

Thanks, Pink Mom Blue Mom!


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