FREE Boppy Nursing Pillow!! Just Pay Shipping (Normally $40!!)

Monday, February 11, 2013


Wow – this is a great FREE offer. These are a lifesaver when you have a little baby!

Well, there is a company called “Nursing Pillow” who makes beautiful printed nursing pillows similar to the Boppy. 

They have an incredible promotion right now as they try to get their name out there. 

You can actually get one for FREE and just pay shipping when you enter coupon code: ENBABY at checkout!

These are very nice ones and they retail for $40.  Boppy brand is also about the same price, and they are rarely on sale. 

So this is a promotion to not miss! We recommend taking advantage of this while you can. 

Whether you need one at all, or  another one, or even if you don’t need one at all, this would be an amazing baby shower or new mom gift! 

There are several styles and colors to pick from.

You will need to pay the shipping, which is $12.95, but you can’t find a Boppy or similar nursing pillows close to this price anyway. 

The cheapest nursing pillow on Amazon is $22.98.  Amazon has the largest selection and lowest overall prices on them, so the $22.98 price is the one to beat and the $12.95 shipping charge to get one more than beats that price!

Hurry and grab this soon!

Thanks Thrifty Couple!



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