It's Clearance Time at Walmart!! 3 Rules for Shopping Clearance Racks!

February 2013


Have you checked out your local Walmart lately? Right now most Walmarts are clearing out a ton of their inventory to make room for new items!

Which means really low priced clearance items!!

Clearance Racks are a great way to stock up on items for the next year.

To make sure you don't go overboard or waste money buying things you will never use, here are a few rules for shopping clothing clearance racks:

1. Most things are on clearance for a reason. That means no you shouldn’t get your husband the shirt that says “This is my Girl Watching Shirt” or anything remotely that tacky.

2. Be Selective! Take your time going through your clearance racks, you are looking for something you want. You don’t save money if you start thinking “It’s only $3.00!”

3. Think about under garments. When the clothing racks go out there is usually a hidden gem somewhere in the store of clearance socks and underwear, this is the time to do your kids and husband a favor by replacing those 1995 model Fruit of the Looms!

I snagged some layered shirts for the kiddos for only $2 each! I stocked up on enough to have them set for next winter!

Thanks I Heart the Mart!


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