FREE Piano Lessons For Kids and Beginners!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Have a little one that is showing interest in playing the piano? We have some awesome tips today to make this new adventure as frugal as possible! 

The first thing I would encourage you to check out is they have many short beginner lessons that are free to watch and learn! 

After a little bit your child should be able to start playing some basic songs!

As supplemental resources, there are these YouTube Piano Lesson channels to be helpful:

:: The Piano Chord Book YouTube Channel

:: YouTube Channel

:: Furmanczyk Piano Academy YouTube Channel

:: Free Basic Printable Music Sheets

There is probably free online music lessons and YouTube channels for pretty much any instrument for your child (or you!)

Just search on YouTube for the specific instrument lessons and we are sure you will find something!

I'm not saying this can replace advanced lessons, or a certain point of skills, but I think options like this are good in these cases:

:: To gauge the seriousness your child has towards learning how to play the piano

:: To “test” whether or not your child likes to play before investing in lessons

:: To be a little further along by the time they start formal lessons and get ahead (saving money by learning the basics at home too instead of for many dollars per hour!)

:: To be the musical starting point while your child figures out what instrument they ultimately want to master.

Have you tried online lessons before?  What was your experience?

Thanks Thrifty Couple!



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