FREEBIE Reminder: Want Your Biggest Return and FREE or CHEAP Tax Preparation Too? Then Don't Miss This!

Friday, February 22, 2013


I just wanted to do a reminder on this if you still need to file you taxes! We filed with Turbo Tax and we got our return back this week!

These are the two most popular options and you can save a bundle going with this route, plus get the highest refunds too!

I wanted to share some options for you to help you get the biggest tax return you can PLUS be able to prepare and file your taxes for FREE or CHEAP!

#1: The Most Popular – H&R Block FREE Federal Filing and Other Cheap Options

One of the most popular ways to go this year is with the H&R Block FREE Federal Tax return filing (details and FREE preparation registration through this link HERE.

Not only is it FREE, but they make it really quick and easy.  In addition – they guarantee you that they can find you the maximum return. 

So that sounds like a really good option to go with, especially with getting it for FREE!

Keep in mind that this is the simple Federal return, but the other options for state or more complex preparation and filing are a good deal as well through this link.

Registration for the H&R Block 2012 Tax Preparation FREE and CHEAP deal is secure through this link HERE and it takes less than 2 minutes to create your account. 

#2: The one I personally use – FREE and CHEAP options from Turbo Tax

Although not as popular as H&R Block, I personally have used the Turbo Tax FREE Federal filing option in the past, and it is really easy to use!

They also have some good prices and deals on the tax preparation and filing in addition to the FREE Federal option!

I have had nothing but success with them and no complaints about how easy and effective their system is!

Register for your FREE and CHEAP deal on Turbo Tax online through this link HERE and quickly create your account.

Thanks Thrifty Couple!



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