Friday's Frugal Fashion Board - A Side Of Mustard! Items as low as $7.42!!

Friday, February 22, 2013


If you are addicted to Pinterest as much as I am you probably have seen fashion boards with beautifully put together outfits.

I love looking at these to get ideas for my closet, but unfortunately these ensembles usually come with a pretty high price tag!

And that's why I have decided to start a new post "Friday's Frugal Fashion Board".

Every Friday I will display a very cute, but frugal outfit all put together for you!

My goal is to keep every piece under $20 (some items like jackets,coats and pants might go over a little bit Smile)

Today we have this awesome "A Side Of Mustard" board!

Pick out one thing you love or grab them all!

As soon as I saw this jacket I said "YES!" this is such a cute and yet very classy jacket that could bring any outfit together!

And it's frugal too! Amazon has this for only $22!! Head over here to check out this Mustard Yellow Ladies 4 Button Princess Blazer!

Wallflower jeans are some of the top rated jeans on Amazon, and there's a reason for that! They are super comfy and reasonably priced!

You can snag these Vintage Collection Luscious Curvy "O" Pocket Boot Cut Jeans for only $24.99!!

This necklace and earring combo would go great with many different outfits!

Only $19.99 + 5.99 shipping!

I nail polish that stands out and makes a statement! OPI Brights always do the trick!

This is a little more than I normally spend on polish, but this is high quality!

I am more of a flats girl than heels, gotta be comfy chasing around two toddlers! Laughing

Ollio Womens Ballet Flats Loafers Comfort Light Faux Suede Low Heels.

This basic tank will make a great shell! It's $7.42 and comes in many colors!

Anyone else love this purse as much as I do?!! This bag has amazing reviews, stating that it looks and feel like a really expensive purse!

This adorable and apparently super high quality purse is only $34.99!! I thought for sure when I saw it, it was going to be high priced!

This also come in many different colors!


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