Fitness Tip Friday: Do you have the right sneaks? 7 Awesome Tips to get you the right shoes! Plus My KURU Shoe Review!


I thought today I would cover a crucial part of your workout and the very first thing you should take care of before you even start to workout.

Your shoes are either going to be your best friend or your worst enemy.

You shouldn't buy kicks that hurt, bottom line! "Your shoes should feel comfortable from the first step".

Follow these 7 steps to help you find the right pair:

:: Shop in the evening—your feet swell during the day and stop in the late afternoon, so you want to shop when they're at their biggest.

:: Also make sure the sneaks are a little roomy—enough so that you can wiggle your toes, but no more than that.

:: They should be comfy from the get-go, they'll be even more so once you have a good 20 to 40 miles on 'em.

:: If you want to use your shoes for a specific activity, i.e. tennis, running, etc., get a shoe designed for that specific sport.

It’s going to provide better support and flexibility in the areas specific to the movement you’ll be doing.

For instance, tennis shoes provide better side to side support while running shoes provide more front and back support.

You’ll also find a difference in flexibility between certain types of shoes.

:: Find a shoe that fits the shape of your foot. A shoe with proper support should feel snug all over.

This means the insole is absorbing the pressure, not your foot. If you can’t find a shoe with enough support, get orthotic inserts.

This is especially important if you already experience foot pain. For severe foot pain, you should be fitted for a customized orthotic by your doctor.

:: Find a shoe that fits how you run. This is actually usually determined by the shape of your feet; specifically how high your arches are.

Overpronators’ feet roll inward as they run. They often have flat feet and should buy shoes marked for stability or motion control.

Supinators’ feet roll outwards as they run. The usually have high arches and should look for shoes marked as flexible or cushioned.

If you have normal feel that don’t roll when you run, you can buy a variety of shoes.

:: Consider where your shoes will be used. If you’re running through the woods, you’ll require a different amount of traction than if you’re playing tennis or volleyball on a court.

Be sure to check the tread and see if it is appropriate for your needs. Good shoes will feel comfortable as soon as you put them on.

Follow these tips and you will be set!!

And speaking of finding the perfect shoe... I recently was sent a pair of KURU Chicane shoes and all I can say is... they are AMAZING!

I knew the moment I slipped these bad boys on, I was going to be in love!

Here are just a few of the amazing features of these shoes:

:: Great Fit - proprietary asymmetric tongue design follows the top-line of the foot for a better, more adjustable fit

:: Integrated Heel & Arch Support - innovative insole includes a varus wedge with seamless arch support for an incredibly healthy stride
Durable rand for stability and abrasion resistance

:: Protection from the Elements - Fully gusseted tongue keeps debris, water and dust out of your shoes

:: Secure Laces - kRibs™ Lacing System wraps the webbing around the foot for a sock-like fit

:: Amazingly Comfortable - anatomical KuruSole™ midsole chassis gives all-day comfort for the trail

:: Breathable - moisture wicking liners

:: Good Grip - high-grade, rubber cupsole outsole construction offers large lugs for excellent traction and long life (non-marking)

:: Nature's Cushioning - orthotic HeelKradl™ in footbed cups your heel as nature intended

:: Nubuck Leather Uppers - Nubuck finish leathers for superior comfort and durability along with luxurious, full-grain nubuck leather uppers (Riveter Black) for superior fit
Mesh Uppers - (Black/Heliotrope) Mesh upper for improved breathability and warm-weather performance

I have had mine for a couple of weeks now and they are still as comfortable as the first day I put them on.

I love the grip, whether I am just walking around the store or hiking up a trail I feel grounded and have no worries about slipping.

Which is good because I have a tendency of being a little klutzy. Laughing

One of the features I really loved about these shoes is the orthotic HeelKradl not only does it make my heels feel fantastic but as a mom I make shortcuts and one of them has become not tying my shoes anymore. I know it's silly but it's just what I do.

And with the heels having so much support these are super easy to slip on.

The Chicane follows the curve of your instep allowing it to adapt to even more foot shapes. In addition, a smartly placed tongue gusset keeps debris and gunk away from your feet. The Chicane keeps you moving on the trail, across town and even on vacation without any blisters or hot spots.

I would highly recommend heading over to their site right now and checking them out!

KURU is transforming comfort and they will also transform your view of fitness shoes!

Disclosure: Kuru Footwear provided me with a pair of shoes for me to try; they did not pay me to write this post. All opinions are my own.


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