Are You Cleaning or Healthing? Find Out!

April 2013


Have you seen Lysol's new Healthing initiative? If you haven't yet you should!

They have decided to tackle the difference between cleaning and healthing. Not just cleaning your home but focusing on making it healthy!

After reading about it I had to stop and think for a moment... am I just cleaning or am I providing a healthy home for my family?

I don't want everything to just look clean, I want to know that it's clean!

I started to look at the every day things I do to keep a healthy home:

:: Wipe down high traffic counter space and doorknobs

(yep... I find my kiddos with this very look all the time! But it gives me great comfort to know that they wash their little hands really well)

:: Have my kiddos thoroughly wash their hands - this can be a toughy sometimes. I have 2 toddlers and they don't always understand how long to wash their hands.

So a great rule of thumb that I use with them is for them to sing the alphabet! Once they have sung the whole song they are done. Smile

:: Clean light switches - my kids are constantly playing with the light switches (and unfortunately I don't know what their little hands have been touching before)

:: My little girl loves being my big helper - so I have her take a wipe to her toys and wipe them down. Then my little boy helps in cleaning up the toys and putting them away.

We all have joked about stepping on toys (especially Legos) and potentially really getting hurt, and I have heard real stories of parents ending up at the doctor with sprained ankles or other injuries.

It is important for kiddos to help in making a healthy home as well and picking up their toys is something they can do!

After looking at what I do everyday I realized I definitely believe in healthing! It is a lifestyle that everyone should have.

The little things that we do every day – particularly our hygiene and cleaning habits – truly can make an impact on our health. 

If you have kids I would highly recommend getting the automatic soap dispenser. This adds a little more fun to washing those little hands and makes it easier too!

My little boy had a hard time pushing down to get the soap out of our old dispenser.

So he wasn't getting enough soap on his hands when he washed them, but then we got the automatic dispenser and he gets the right amount every time! So awesome!! Smile

I want to encourage you to take a moment and think... Are You Cleaning or Healthing?

If you find yourself working with really harsh chemicals, you are probably not healthing.

For example... I was thinking about my sister in-laws cleaning habits the other day (hopefully she doesn't mind being my example Laughing)

she was cleaning with gloves up to her elbows and a mask over her nose and mouth to protect her from the harsh cleaning products she was using.

If you have to go overboard to protect yourself while cleaning, I don't believe that is healthing. You should never have to worry about what you are breathing in while you are cleaning.

So as you start your Spring cleaning remember it's the little things that we do every day that make an impact on our health.

This is especially important on the heels of one of the worst cold and flu seasons in a decade. 

So, this season, do more than Spring Cleaning.  Let’s practice Spring “Healthing.” 

Visit or the LYSOL Facebook page for more information about Healthing!

Or you can check out the Healthing guide book here.

For LYSOL, Healthing goes beyond its products to provide the education and motivation to keep a healthy home and family. 

This includes:
:: Connecting with 65,000 schools to promote healthy habits and good hygiene.
:: Providing educational programs that reach 50 percent of new moms with health and wellness related to caring for their newborns.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for LYSOL®. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.” All thoughts and opinions are my own as always! 

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