Make It Yourself Monday: All Natural Bug Spray With Only 6 Ingredients!!!


Do you have a bug phobia like me? If so you will love this DIY All Natural Bug Spray!

I absolutely hate getting bit by bugs, but I also hate using sprays with tons of chemicals on my kiddos. Tongue out

So when I came across this awesome All Natural Bug Spray I was thrilled!!

This is an awesome recipe from Garden Therapy that you will want to make and keep on hand for this summer!

You can check out their post here on how to make it yourself!

You can find all the items you will need on Amazon for easy shopping!

citronella essential oil

rosemary essential oil

lemongrass essential oil

eucalyptus essential oil

mint essential oil

witch hazel

The ingredients will initially cost more than a can of spray from the store, but this will last much longer!!

Plus you will be making a product that will keep those pest away and keep your family healthy and safe!

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