In Moments Of Doubt Close Your Eyes And Imagine Yourself One Year From Now...

May 2013


As I sit here eating M&M's and down a 32oz Mt. Dew, I realize I need to stop and evaluate where I am going and what I am doing.

I started putting up workout motivation and workout related post back in March and it is now May and I am failing at being healthy.

I was so proud that I started in March and thought I had plenty of time before the summer to slim down a little bit and to change my bad habits.

I don't know why it is so hard for me, I lack the discipline, drive and focus that most people have.

My husband has been able to break down those walls and can push himself to the limits if needed, but somehow I haven't been able to do the same.

Today I would normally be posting a Workout Wednesday post, but I feel it would all be a lie if I did.

I did this workout poster a little while back and now I find myself talking to my former self that posted it thinking "wow could I have oversimplified it any more!" lol

I am tired of starting over, but it feels like I am always giving up!

I am not posting this to say "poor me" or to be super negative, but to show that even with the best intentions, sometimes failure will follow.

I have now gained everything back that I lost from March until now, but that doesn't mean I should give up.

I will keep going, I know unfortunately it will be a struggle. It won't be easy for me, but being overweight everyday isn't exactly a picnic.

So here is my workout motivation for you today... 

imagine yourself one year from now. Are you happy with the way you are? Are you doing now what you need to be doing to be happy and healthy then?

I know that I'm not, and I'm going to hate myself for it later. So I need to start today, not tomorrow, not the next day or next Monday, but today!

I believe it is really hard to do it all on your own though, so I would love to hear what is going on in your life.

Are you a fitness queen or do you feel you could use a push? I would love to hear not only your successes but also your failures (because we all have them)

I would like to encourage you to use what I have been using for a while which is Map My because I believe your success will be greater if you document what you do!

I have created a Mamas Spot Group so we can join together to help one another out!!

Just head over here and request to join to be part of the Mamas Spot Fit and FREE Divas!

I think as a combine effort we will see greater success!


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