Make It Yourself Monday: Camping & Survival Tip! How To Make Your Own Fire-Starters!

Monday, June 3, 2013


I think everyone who has gone camping has been in the position where no matter what you do you just cant get a fire going!

Well I have an awesome "Make It Yourself Monday" tip that will make sure you will never have that problem again!

Here is what you will need:

:: Laundry Lint

:: Toilet Paper Rolls (without the TP)

That's right it's that simple! And I love that this reuses items that you would normally never have a use for again! I mean what would you ever reuse lint for normally? 

Just stuff the tubes full of lint and save them for when you go camping. These are also great to put in your emergency kit!

I made a cute little camping kit for a friend and included these in it, she is now going to make sure her family doesn't throw away lint anymore. Laughing

Our family loves camping so be sure to look out for all sorts of awesome camping tips and tricks in the next few months! 

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