Was It All Just A Dream? A Not So Ordinary Day In The Life Of Me...


My alarm buzzed loudly at its usual time... by the way my alarm is 4 years old and she has no volume control. Haha!

I threw the covers over my head and tried to pretend like I wasn't there, the voices in my head (aka my hubby) told me to stay in bed.

Just then two little giggling monkeys broke down my king size fortress of sleeping solitude and made it into a castle for a little prince and a princess.

I decided to give into the prince and princesses demands and head to their room to turn on cartoons.

My little girl wanted to watch Dora, but luckily it was my little boys birthday so it was his choice and he wanted to watch SuperWhy.

I know a kids show shouldn't get under my skin, but she does!

I mean she's multilingual at a young age and somehow she can't find things right next to her and can't figure out how to cross a bridge on her own! lol

I think this graph pretty much sums it up.

Once the kids get me up in the morning it's hopeless to go back to bed, but I thought while they were happy watching cartoons I would take a relaxing bath in our awesome garden tub.

After getting dressed, it's time for breakfast!

Since it was my little boys birthday I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes to sooth their rumbling tummies.

My kiddos pulled up a bar stool and started to help me mix.

They started putting all the ingredients into the bowl, but unfortunately my little girl completely missed the bowl when she was putting in the flour.

I turned around after getting milk out of the fridge

and you can imagine my surprise...

flour was covering the counter top and coated the whole floor!

I was way to busy freaking out to take a pic. sorry to those who want proof that their kid isn't the only one who makes disasters. Laughing

Luckily it wasn't wet flour and I just grabbed the broom and the vacuum out of the hall closet and it was cleaned up in no time.

After breakfast I throw all the dishes in the dishwasher and it's time to head to the store.

(She's trying to skip ahead by 12 years! No thank you! Laughing)

The kids hopped into our Toyota Sienna from Karl Malone Auto Body and Paint and we zipped over to Target, I had a huge stack of coupons that were burning a whole in my pocket. 

Couldn't wait to get the weeks hottest Target deals!

Once we got back, the kiddos helped me fill up the pantry and fridge with all of our awesome coupon finds.

I moved on in my chores for the day by popping in a load of laundry into the washer.

After going to the store the kiddos needed a little bit of time to just run around and be kids, so we headed off to the park!

The park is just up the street and my kids LOVE this park!

It has a whole castle them that brings out the imagination in both me and the kids.

We spent at least an hour and a half pretending to be royalty and then pretending to be knights defending the castle.

The natives are restless and starving,

so it was time to get lunch going. Sandwiches, chips, yogurt and Sunny D makes for an easy lunch that I get no complaints on.

It was such a beautiful day it would be a shame not to eat outside.

As you can see they love eating outside and enjoying the sunshine, and I love not having a mess and crumbs all over the kitchen!

While we were eating we spotted a little lizard, so we used our $1 bug catching kits to get a closer look at it.

My little girl then wanted to jump in the pool and go swimming. Can you tell she loves her floatation toys?

I can't believe how much she loves water. Apparently I should have done a water birth when I had her. Haha!

While the kids were swimming my hubby and my nephews decided to enjoy our game room. Awesome place to have for the kids and the kids at heart.

You could find us in here anytime it rains and we can't be out swimming.

I don't have a pool, or a game room, or king size bed but it definitely feels like home! How can that be?

I realize the next morning that it wasn't a dream, a dream come true maybe... but this was a reality a reality made possible by Global Resort Homes.

I never could have imagined I could be on vacation and yet still feel like I was at home (granted a better home than mine) but I felt completely comfortable.

I didn't have to worry about my kids being too loud and disturbing the other hotel guest, because there weren't any other guests!

It was just us in an amazing home with all the same comforts of our own home plus more!

This was a vacation, this was the way to travel, not by being crammed into a small hotel room, but being able to spread out and really relax.

I mean who wants to share a pool with a ton of strangers when you can open your back door and jump right in your own private pool.

And as my husband put it... "your own private pool that you don't feel like you are being covered in chemicals with."

We each had our own room... our own room to watch our own shows on our own TV's after a long day playing at the theme parks, our own room to regrettably throw tantrums in if needed (I didn't get the ice cream I wanted Wink), our own rooms to feel just like we were at home.

That is exactly what you will get with Global Resort Homes, a home away from home. And a home that is conveniently located right next to Sea World, Disney World and so much more!

Global Resort Homes is... Luxury, comfort, affordability, convenience and more than just a place to rest your head after a long day of exploring while on vacation.

Check out Global Resort Homes to see how amazing your next vacation can be!

A huge thank you to Global Resort Homes for our home away from home at 2625 Daubly Street and for being such an awesome company! 


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