YES FINALLY! Revolutionalizing The Perfect Fit - #JOCKEYbra

July 2013


I bet if all the Mamas Spot readers were in one room together, and I asked you to put your hand up if you have had issues finding a good fitting bra,

I would get every hand in the room up.(including my own Smile)

Unfortunately this is always an issue that has plagued women.

Now it's not like it's the end of the world if you walk around in a bra that doesn't fit completely, but who wants to walk around uncomfortable all day?

A staggering 85% of women are wearing bras that don't fit properly.

I don't know about you, but I have enough issues though the day, I don't need to spend half my day tugging and pulling at my bra as it digs into me.

Or better yet I got a bra once that was way too big and I had a crease right down the middle on both sides. Laughing

It was enough of an issue that my husband even noticed and he kept asking me "what's wrong with your bra?"

So when Jockey sent me a Fit Kit, I said "YES FINALLY!" finally someone realized what it takes to get the right fit.

Using a measuring tape to measure your cup size is utterly pointless.

If you are a mom like me then you probably have a little sagging (it's ok to admit) it's part of being a mom.

Unfortunately though if you try to measure your beautiful used milk jugs with a measuring tape, you won't get all of them into the measurement.

That is why I love what Jockey has done and I can't believe it had taken this long to get an accurate measurement of cup size!

As part of the Fit Kit you will get these cups with numbers on them. If you read the directions it will tel you to pour your breast into the cup.

When I read "pour" I laughed for a second, I have never been asked to pour my breast into something before. lol

I went ahead and did it and if you are really thinking about this right now you too will realize that this is the absolute best way to do this.

This is the best way to accurately measure every part of your breast, not just one part of it.

Once you are done "pouring" you will have your right number and you can then use the measuring tape around your back and under your bust.

Then you can take those numbers over to order your bra and in 5-7 business days you will have the most comfortable, best fitting bra you have ever owned!

I challenge you to give this a try and Jockey has a love at first fit guarantee, they guarantee that you will love the way you look and feel, or your money back!

You can head over here to order your fit kit, they ask for $19.95 (they need to know you are serious Smile) but they will send you a $20 credit with your kit to use on your new bra!

So essentially you are just putting $20 towards you new amazing bra!

Hurry and grab yours today so you won't be part of the digging, pinching, pulling and second guessing club ever again.

*Be sure to stay tuned to find out if I liked my Jockey Bra.


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