Freezer Friendly Friday: Amazing Breakfast Burritos In Less Than 30 Minutes!

Friday, July 5, 2013


If you are like me sometimes breakfast can get away from you.

I have a million things going on in the morning and by the time I realize breakfast should be one of those things, I just toss a bowl of cereal at my children. Laughing

I decided recently I wanted to have something on hand (other than cereal) to give my kiddos that would be easy.

And nothing gets easier than making breakfast freezer burritos!

Here is what you will need:

To make these super simple I use a package of Hormel Beef Roast. It's easy and sooo... YUMMY!

Now you can pretty much make these with any meat, cheese, whatever you want! That's what I love about these, they are so versatile!

:: 12 eggs

:: 1 package of Hormel

:: 1/4 c. milk

:: 1 Package of Southern Hash browns

:: Salt and Pepper for taste

For the tortillas you can make them from scratch or just buy a package of flour tortillas. I love making them from scratch.

You can see how to make these here.


:: Thaw your hash browns in the microwave and then fry them up.(I like to use a griddle)

:: Whisk your eggs and milk until you have scrambled eggs

:: Heat your Hormel to the instructions found on the package

:: Once everything is cooked start to assemble your burritos (don't overfill or they will be hard to fold)

:: Fold them and wrap them up! I use freezer paper to wrap mine and then I put them into a container.

My hubby is a folding guru, so I always have him fold. Wink He used to make a lot of origami so this is a piece of cake for him.

Once you want to eat your burritos just wrap them in a wet paper towel and heat for 3 minutes in the microwave.

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