I Made My Kid Cry Today: Evil Cake...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I had to run to the Posts Office today and I took my little buddy with me.

I decided to stop and get him a little treat first, he picked out a piece of pound cake and we were on our way.

About two seconds after being in the car he lets out a huge scream and starts crying, I immediately turn around thinking he must be on fire lol only to find he is bawling because he has crumbs on him.

That's right... CRUMBS!!! He starts yelling "GET THEM OFF OF ME!" over and over again. Keep in mind I am driving going about 50mph.

I keep telling him that I will clean him off when we get to the Post Office, finally the tears stop and he says "ok Mama".

The pic. above was once I was stopped, you can still see he is sad and distraught, but "dealing". lol

As I was brushing him off, removing the "EVIL" crumbs, I started thinking about how;

this is the kid that can walk around for half the day with Dorito cheese all over his face and hands. 

this is the kid that smiles happily with a chocolate ice cream mustache.

And this is now the kid that won't be getting cake in the car again.

Lesson learned!

Kids will cry over the most absurd things sometimes, I have found it helps relieve the stress (for the parent) if you document it.

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