Where are you going for your back to school shopping? I'm headed to Kohl's!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


(I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating)

Yes this is a sponsored post, but trust me that doesn't matter because I am very opinionated on this subject. lol 

If Gap Kids had approached me for this project I would have turned them down.

Don't get me wrong... I love the Gap but it's not the place to get quality back to school clothes for cheap!

I really weighed heavily to either go to Walmart or Kohl's this year for our back to school shopping.

To be completely honest I usually go to Walmart, but then later regret it because the kiddos clothes don't last as long as I would like.

I really love Kohl's, but in the back of my mind I  am always thinking that they are more pricey than Walmart.

Now on some items they are, but I took a little trip last week to put them to the test.

And here is what I found:

Awesome prices!!! Same fantastic low prices (if not cheaper on some items) but great quality clothes that are durable and will last. 

At Kohl's you can find better quality for less! 

Kohl’s wants to accommodate its customers and maximize your savings.

At Kohl’s you can use your Kohl’s Cash coupons and Kohl’s charge card discounts together.

No one else will offer you such awesome discounts combined with really low prices! 

As someone who is incredibly frugal it makes me happy to be getting what I need at a low price, plus be able to walk away with a FREEBIE!! (Kohl’s Cash) 

Kohl's has all you need for preschoolers to teens and everything in between. They also have everything you need for kiddos in need of uniforms.

I found a large selection to help you get the right uniforms at a good price. 

And that's what puts Kohl's over the top for me! Later this week I will show you everything I was able to get for $100! 

Trust me you won't want to miss it! 



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