Make It Yourself Monday: Cute and Fun Vases!


Aren't these so cute? Great thing about these is it's a recycling project too!!

Here is what you will need:

Old drink bottles

Any spray paint in the colors you want


1. Remove labels from bottles. ( You can soak them in hot water and dish soap for extra help)
2. Dry and clean
3. Pick your spray paint choices: Seen above is Satin Ivory.
4. Spray paint box carrier too!
Some spray painting tips... Cover area with newspaper or drop cloth first. Wear a mask or be careful not to inhale fumes. Don't spray into the wind!!! Wait for your first layer to dry and stick the bottle on your finger to get a good coat around the bottom sides.

Now you have adorable vases that you can use for anything! These would be really cute to use as gifts!

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