Tuesday's Tip: DIY Piña Colada and Lemon Scrub!! It's AMAZING!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Can someone please take me to a beach now? .

Every time I hear Piña Colada it just makes me want to have my feet in the sand and cool drinks delivered every 30 minutes. lol

I guess I will have to settle for this amazing Piña Colada and Lemon Scrub!

Doesn't this look just divine?!!

Here is how you can make your own:

1 cup Dessicated Coconut 
1 cup Epsom Salts 
2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil (available at Heath Food Shops)
4 drops Vitamin E Oil (optional)
1 Lemon (peel finely grated)
Air tight container

Thoroughly clean the container (dishwasher) and dry. Combine all dry ingredients in a clean bowl. Add coconut oil to desired wetness level and combine. Add ingredients to container. Use scrub on dry skin to exfoliate and gently shower off. Please be aware that the shower recess may be slippery due to the oil content. The scrub should never abrade the skin and test on a small portion of skin for allergies

You will smell so YUMMY after this, beware! Haha!

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Originally from Go Make Me.com 


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