Lego Lunchbox as low as $14 Shipped

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


If you have a little Lego fan at home, you might be interested in these adorable Lego lunchboxes!

They come in several colors and it is totally food safe.  It needs to be washed by hand with soap and water.

This is a basic square box so you would need to insert smaller boxes or use baggies to seperate the food but I think a little Lego fan would go nuts for this.  It should fit inside most lunchbags and once you are done with it for lunch, it can be reused as storage.

The price is starting at $14.12 from Amazon.  Please note each color offers a different price so you want to click the color you like to see what the price will be.

The shipping is free with prime.

If this is something you are interested in, I would order right away.  The quantities are limited.

You might be able to find these at the Container Store or Staples as well for about $15.

There are also smaller boxes you can use for indivual snacks or condiments and such.  There are two sizes I can see an the prices start at $4.99. It looks like these are Add on items which means you can’t order the item all by itself.  You need to have $25 in other products in your cart to get an Add On item.

And as one other cute little item- you can get the Lego Drinking Bottles for $14.99.  There are several colors but again you actually need to click each color to see the price.

Thanks My Frugal Adventures!



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