Mamas Monday Meals: Simple, Savory and Healthy Pasta Carbonara!

Monday, September 30, 2013


Here is one dish you will want to save!! This is huge favorite at our house! This is a dish that can pretty easily be customized to fit the likes or dislikes of every family member.

Want chicken? Go ahead and add it! Want more veggies? Just add them! We used turkey bacon to make it a little more healthy, you could also do a whole grain pasta and egg whites only. And voilà! you have a super healthy dinner for your family! Or you could take this in the opposite direction and make it super delectable it's really up to you! You get the point... this dish is like "mad libs" in a bowl, mix and you can match any ingredients you want.


:: 1 package of linguine pasta

:: 2 egg whites

:: Half a package of bacon

:: 1 cups of mushrooms (optional)

:: 1 cup of Grated Parmesan Cheese

:: Pinch of ground pepper

:: Pinch of salt

:: An egg yoke for each dish

:: 1/4 cup water


:: Boil pasta to directions on package

:: Cook bacon in a large frying pan, don't drain

:: Take bacon out of frying pan and set aside

:: Cook your egg yokes til over easy

:: In a separate pan cook any veggies you want to add

:: On a medium heat mix your noodles in the frying pan with the bacon grease (if you don't have any that's ok)

:: Add your 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup water, cheese, pepper, salt and mix together with tongs until a sauce forms.

:: Next add your veggies and bacon.

:: Serve into dishes and top with egg yoke, more cheese and any other garnishes.


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