5 Must Read Tips For A Better Halloween Experience!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I just love Halloween. It is a time of year that really gets your imagination going. I love how the Fall weather is just getting blustery, and the crunchy leaves cover the ground. Both of these set the stage for a night of fun embodied by children dressing up in the cutest of costumes and innocently going door to door trick or treating.  It is a toss up for my kiddo's over what they love more: the fun holiday decorations, dressing up to go trick or treating, or the part where they get tons of candy just for being cute. Here are 5 practical tips for a better Halloween experience:

1- Make sure your children are dressed warm.

Thermals are a great way to stay warm without having to cover up their costumes. Your feet is where your body gets its main heat. If you can keep your kid's feet warm and dry (by having them either wear extra thick socks or by doubling up their socks) then it will help keep their bodies warmer while trick or treating.

2-Invite some close friends to go with you. 

Not only will your children enjoy going out trick or treating with friends, but there is that added benefit of safety in numbers. This is especially a good idea if you aren't going to go out with your children.  

3-Plan a hearty healthy meal for Halloween.

If you plan to let your kids go trick or treating, you children will most likely eat a bunch of sugar on Halloween. Sitting down as a family to a hearty and healthy meal BEFORE trick or treating will help to offset the sugar and combat the cold.

4- Have a hot treat for when you get home.

Halloween is traditionally really cold and sometimes wet as well. Having a hot something for when you get home to quickly warm up your core will help prevent your kids getting sick.

5- Make a "plan" ahead of time for your trick or treating.

Do you know when you are going to start? Do you know what neighborhood you are going trick or treating in? Do you know the rout you are going to take? Having a plan really makes a difference, especially when you are taking little children out. 

As you apply these 5 Halloween tips as well as good old common sense (like reminding your children to not eat any unwrapped candy, not to follow anyone inside their home, and to brush their teeth before going to bed) you and your children can enjoy a stress free memorable Halloween!

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