Happy Halloween! Frightfully Funny Halloween Jokes For Kids!

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween!! In honor of Halloween here are some kid friendly jokes that the kiddos might get a kick out of! I love kid's sense of humor and as my kiddos get older they now try to come up with their own jokes or funny stories. Hopefully these will have your kiddos cracking up today! 

::What does a vampire never order at a restaurant? A stake sandwich.

::Who won the skeleton beauty contest?  No BODY!

::What do skeletons say before they begin dining?  Bone appetite!

::What do you call a witch in the desert? A sandwitch.

::What do ghosts serve for dessert?  Ice Scream

::What do you get when you drop a pumpkin? Squash!

::Why did the monster eat a light bulb? Because he was in need of a light snack

::What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman? Frostbite.

::What do you call a ghost with a broken leg? A hoblin goblin.

::What's it like to be kissed by a vampire? It's a pain in the neck.

::Why do mummies make excellent spies?  They're good at keeping things under wraps.

::What kind of monster is safe to put in the washing machine?  A wash and wear wolf.

::What is as sharp as a vampires fang? His other fang.

::What's a vampire's favorite fruit? A necktarine.

::Why should a skeleton drink 10 glasses of milk a day? It's good for the bones.

::What was the witch's favorite subject in school? Spelling.

::Why do mummies have so much trouble keeping friends? They're too wrapped up in themselves.

::Why do ghosts like to ride elevators? It raises their spirits.

::Where do mummies go for a swim? To the dead sea.

::What do you get when you divide the diameter of a jack-o-lantern by it's circumference?  Pumpkin Pi.

::What does a ghost eat for lunch? A BOO-logna sandwich.



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