What is a good night's sleep worth to you?

November 2013


 (I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom It Forward Blogger Network for Marpac. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating)

I have to admit that sleep is something I have always taken for granted. At least until it became on short supply. I know that you are warned that sleep deprivation goes hand and hand with parenthood, but really who could have imagined that it would be THIS BAD?!? 

Sleep deprivation for short periods of time isn’t too bed, but when it lasts for years, that is sooo not good. I know that in order to be the kind of parent I want to be, that sleep is a necessary ingredient. Yet everything I have tried hasn’t worked on my kids. And believe me I have tried a lot of things.  

Then one day a friend asked me, “Have you ever tried using a white noise machine?” I had to admit, that no I hadn’t. She told me about how well it had worked for her little ones and at this point I was willing to try anything. Especially, since it is my favorite time of year and I wanted to enjoy it instead of walking around in a sleep deprivation induced haze. 

After some research I learned about Dohmie the serious sleep baby bundle by Marpac that you can get right now at Toys-r-Us. After reading more about it, I just had to try it out myself. 

When my Dohmie sleep baby bundle arrived I couldn’t wait to open it up. Inside was the Dohmie sleep machine along with instruction for its use (which couldn’t be easier. It's basically a plug in and turn on unit), the cutest little baby book entitled “Buddy the Bee finds his Zs”, and a informational sleep publication that I found informative on tips for a better night sleep. 

Since my baby sleeps in a co-sleeper bed next to our bed, I plugged in our Dohmie in the master bedroom. As I did so I wondered, “Will it work?” “Will my children sleep better?” ‘Will I sleep better?” I am happy to share that the answer was YES! That night and each night since, my children have slept deeper and longer than ever before! 

So how does it work? Well according to Marpac’s website (they are the creators of the Dohm Sleep machines) “It creates the soothing sound of rushing air, also known as "white noise," which has been proven to effectively block noises at a broad range of frequencies. A uniform blanket of smooth sound masks disruptive noises.”

As a side not, the instructions warned that it can take a few days for adults to adjust to the white noise background if you aren’t used to sound while sleeping. It took about 2 nights for me, and now it doesn't bother me at all. As a plus now even my husband and I are sleeping better with it on!

I love how it is so simple to use. I just plug it in and choose which of the two speeds to turn on. That’s it! I am so thankful for my friend sharing this amazing product with me. I guess I know what I’ll be getting as Christmas presents for my two sister-in-laws who recently both had their first child! What better Christmas gift could I give a new parent than a good night’s sleep?

You can go to Marpac's Website as well as follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to learn more about their amazing sleep machines!


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