Kids Gift Idea: Homemade Christmas Play Scene

December 2013


“The Crayola product, gift card, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Crayola.”

My little girl has been begging me to make some gifts for all her friends. I wanted to to something they would really enjoy and something that didn't involve sweets. We had some Crayola modeling clay and I thought making little holiday play scenes would be a great and easy gift idea! The best part is my kids loved making them and it was a project they could do all by themselves without my help.

All that was required for this gift was one pack of Crayola modeling clay and a little imagination! You could really make any sort of scene and do this for any holiday or birthday.

We made several packs for friends and one pack each for my kiddos. We put them on a coffee table to display and they can move the snowmen around and play with them anytime they want.

Inside the Crayola Modeling Clay box it shows you how to mix different color clay to make the colors you want.

These will definitely be a great hit with all my little girls friends! .

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