Tips For a Healthier Happier YOU This Year!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One of the most common themes I see every year with Goals and Resolutions is health. I can only imagine how much money is spent at the beginning of each year on Gym passes, online diet programs, exercise equipment, specialty kitchen gear and workout clothes. Then how many of us quickly come to regret that spent month a month or two down the road as we have long since stopped using them?  I think we often make getting back into health into a much more complicated process then it needs to be. Being healthy isn’t a destination it is a way of life. 

If like many others this life style change is too overwhelming to contemplate, try breaking it down into easier steps. Here is a list of easy yet powerful things you can do that will help you on your journey to a healthier happier life.

-ALWAYS eat a healthy breakfast. (never skip)

-Drink enough water. 

The daily requirement for a healthy non overweight person is 8 (8oz) cups a day. In addition to this base 8 cups a day a person needs to drink 1(8oz) cup for every 25lbs they are overweight. A note: If you are doing any intense physical workouts, working in the heat, or are pregnant you may need to add some more water to this basic equation.

-Take daily Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. 

-CUT DOWN on Sweet Drinks and Soda.

-Go to bed early. 

-Wake up early.

-Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. 

-Walk or bike instead of drive to things nearby. 

-Increase your vegetable (and fruit) intake. 

-Cut down on empty carbohydrates. 

-Limit desserts. 

-Work out (cardiovascular 30 min a day)

-Daily meditations/ prayer.

-Daily positive affirmations. 


-Switch 3 large meals with 4-5 smaller meals. 

I recommend you pick one item and apply it in your life until you have it down, and then add another. When you slip up, acknowledge it and move forward.  May this year find us all on the path to healthier and happier lives. 



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