*HOT* FREE $20 Worth of Clothing from ThedUp!! Hurry! Items Selling Out Fast!

August 2014


*This is for new ThredUp customers, since I was already a customer I used my husbands email to get this.

WOW, WOW, WOW! For 1 day only thredUP for $20 off a first-time order of practically new Women’s and kids clothes.  

They have something for everyone, babies, teens and adults….  Get your teen name brand clothing FREE

First off they have some CUTE things to pick from and a large section as well. These Old Navy and Gymboree jean items, new they would have cost about $45, thredUP price of under 1/3 of that.  

Hurry and grab this deal, and THEN TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS so they can do it too.

This is perfect if you want to ship an outfit to someone and you are low on funds… won’t they be excited to get a package in the mail!!

I only had to pay $3.98 for shipping!! I can't wait to get my cute clothes!!


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