How To Survive A Family Trip To The Big Apple With Embassy Suites

November 2014


When planning on visiting NYC I believe most tourists look for a hotel in Manhattan close to all the attractions, but I found out that there is an even better option for those planning on visiting the big apple and an option that is recommended for anyone, but especially for those traveling with kids. When traveling to NYC as a family you will find that as exciting as the city is you need some peace and quiet when you lay down to sleep. That is why we highly recommend and will always choose Embassy Suites in Secaucus New Jersey. Now I know what some of you are thinking… why would you stay in a completely different state, but Secaucus is only a very short 15-24 minute shuttle ride. That's right... in only 15 minutes you can be right in the Big Apple! With two small kids I have found that vacations can get crazy, loud and hectic without throwing in a crazy, loud and hectic city into the mix. So I knew I wanted to pick a hotel that was super family friendly and just enough outside of the city that we could get some quiet but close enough that we can get into Manhattan and see all the attractions really easily. Embassy Suites Secaucus fits those needs perfectly and provides so much more! We got in late on the first day and only had time to see Time Square before heading off to our hotel. We found the New Jersey transit to be very easy to use and you can access it at the Port Authority near Time Square. One bus will take you from the city and drop you off right in front of your hotel. Once at the hotel, the hotel shuttle can take you to all the surrounding restaurants, stores and even the train station which can also get you in the city. And if you are looking to save a little money Walmart and other stores are just right around the corner, you can grab some food and take it back to your in-room fridge. We grabbed some items to make sandwiches and other meals and used the fridge in our room to store everything. This allowed us to spend more on souvenirs, nice meals out and more activities.

Also the hotel provides something that you won’t find at a lot of other hotels especially Manhattan hotels; a complimentary made to order breakfast and a managers reception with free snacks and drinks. That alone will have me going back to Embassy Suites for any family or even non family travel. Throwing in a hot breakfast every morning for your whole family not only makes your wallet happy, but also is a huge time saver as well. And as for the food itself it was great! For a family of four this will save you at least $40-$50 a day on breakfast alone. That’s huge!! And then the evening snacks on top of that will save you even more. And you know that when you get back to your hotel and start to settle in is exactly when kids start complaining that they are a hungry. So you will be so happy that all you have to do is head down to the managers reception every night for a little snack to quiet those rumbling tummies. After the managers reception parents can take a little break from the kids by heading to your room and setting up the kids on the pull out sofa in a connected room that has a door you can close for more privacy. That’s right no kids in your room jumping on your bed asking you a million questions while you are trying to sleep, they can be in their own room while you are in yours. How awesome is that?! Occasionally while on vacation my husband and I like it to feel more like a vacation and with that we love to sleep in at least once, being able to have a door to close between us and the kids just reinforces to let mama and daddy sleep in and they can watch cartoons until we get up. 

When staying at an Embassy Suites it's hard not to sleep in, the beds are always so comfortable. I would say too comfortable, but who am I kidding that's not possible. My husband even recently started keeping the curtains open just a little bit so the sun will come in and remind us that we need to get up, otherwise we will just keep hitting snooze. I was going to show a pic of the bed all nicely made, but this is more realistic... this is a comfy bed that has been slept in. This is a bed after a peaceful good nights sleep you will need to head out into the fun of NYC. And the hotel that will provide you with a peaceful great nights sleep and more is Embassy Suites Secaucus. 

I received night stays in order to facilitate my review, I have written my honest opinion about how much I loved this hotel and I can't wait to share with you more inside views of other Embassy Suites. 


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