New Adventures and more fun with the KIA Sorento

November 2014

Hello old friend... you are anything but old, but here we are meeting again. Last year you were amazing, you had class, style and everything else a girl could want and it looks as though nothing has changed. You still uphold those standards that made me fall in love with you before. As I get behind the wheel all of those fantastic memories come flooding back. It's now a new year and you are still the car of my dreams. This time we will have some new adventures in a big city. You will take me to see things I have never seen before, we will see lights and buildings that touch the sky.

Your seats will warm me up after some amateur ice skating and cushion my now really sore backside after my failed Ice Capades maneuvers. I should have practiced at home first and not made my very first ice skating experience be at Rockefeller Center in front of seasoned New Yorker's who looked so much more graceful than me, and tourist who probably got a kick out of watching me cling to the side and fall down so much.

I should take a cue from you and your safety measures, you are always making sure I am safe when I am with you. I always hope it won't ever be necessary, but I know I can count on your advanced airbag system and other safety features to keep me and those I care about safe and sound.

I also love that you help me navigate, you know how bad I can be with directions sometimes, and navigating through a big city can be tricky. With your UVO system I know I won't get lost and I also will get where I need to go even faster. With UVO I also know the tunes will keep flowing without me having to lift a hand off the steering wheel, just another way you keep me and my passengers safe.

(Missed this little girl like crazy!)

Everything is right at my fingertips including hands free calling; I can call home to my kids who are staying with grandma and grandpa and tell them all about my ice skating adventure. Laughing

I have to admit that I have never had such a stylish friend, you are trendy, sleek and up on all the new tech trends as well. With your rear-view camera and blind-spot protection I know you will stay stylish and sleek, and I never have to worry about hitting anything and dinging you up, you are confident as you roll down the street and your tech makes me feel confident as well.

Like any good friend you are there to help me out when I'm in a jam. Hands full of groceries, luggage or kids and with a touch of a button you are there to help. With power lift gate I can easily access your roomy cargo space and stow away everything without even touching the exterior. Pretty awesome for a traveler and mom on the go like myself.

You take me to sad placesplaces I am glad to be able to visit and see, but wish didn't have to exists.

As our time together winds down I feel a little sad, we had such amazing adventures together so many great memories and they happened because you took me there. You didn't just help me get from point A to point B, you showed me new places, people and things I had never seen before I met you. Together we conquer the world. 

Thanks KIA for my Big Apple Experience!


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