The Best Western Acadia Park Inn: The Best Hotel Option In Bar Harbor

Monday, November 10, 2014

Nothing says “Fall” like New England, but there is one place in particular that stole my heart; Bar Harbor Maine. Adding to the beauty is Acadia Park, a wonderful national park with some amazing views. When we planned on visiting Bar Harbor I went on a search for hotels. My search was over though as soon as I saw The Best Western Acadia Park Inn.

I have always had amazing stays with Best Western and I knew this would be another one, and I was right. The first thing I noticed as we pulled up to The Best Western Acadia Park Inn was how beautiful the grounds were. Beautiful trees all around. It is such a peaceful place and I knew our stay would be wonderful.

Every Best Western I have been too has had an incredibly friendly staff and this one was no exception. They offered suggestions on places to eat and made sure we were very happy with our room. Our room was spacious and had everything we needed. The Best Western Acadia Park Inn looks like a motel on the outside with doors to the rooms faced to the outside, but feels like a great hotel.

By far one of the best things about staying with Best Western is the hot breakfast. This makes it so worth it to find a Best Western everywhere you go! This is not your normal hotel breakfast and it’s far from a continental breakfast. This is the type of breakfast you would see in a feel good holiday movie. If you have a craving for something chances are it’s there. Waffles, bacon, sausage, biscuits, eggs, cereal, bagels, pastries, and the list goes on and on. Every morning we started our day with a wonderful breakfast to start our New England adventures.

In the breakfast room (which was beautiful by the way) was a great map showing every destination guests have come from. I thought this was such a neat idea!

One of the cooks in the kitchen went around greeting everyone and finding out where they were from. It’s little touches like that, that make you feel at home even when you’re at a hotel. That’s what Best Western does; they make you feel at home.

Heading to Maine? Be sure to check out The Best Western Acadia Park Inn for yourself!



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