No Muss, No Fuss Holiday Shopping with Trolley Square

Monday, November 24, 2014

With the holiday season in full swing everyone is bustling around getting Christmas gifts in order for the whole family, unfortunately the thought of heading to an overcrowded mall during December gives me anxiety and makes me almost want to hibernate through the winter! As a mom I would have some very disappointed family members if I did that so I need to have an option that won’t make me lose my sanity, but also allow me to shop at several stores without having to drive all over town. For the solution to that holiday riddle I have to turn to a place I have been visiting since my childhood… Trolley Square.

I have found that Christmas shopping can either be a complete nightmare or a joyful fun experience and for me seasonal shopping done easier without a fuss is a definite must. I need a calm relaxing atmosphere, stores I can’t find anywhere else and quality gifts; those things and more can only be achieved at Trolley Square. Like most families I am also on the lookout for unique gifts with that special “Wow Factor” and almost every store at Trolley Square will accomplish just that.

I have been shopping with my family at Trolley Square for over 20 years and in that time it has changed a lot, but the one thing that has never changed is the truly unique experience of it all. The unique stores combined with the amazing atmosphere makes for a wonderful shopping experience, but it’s not just shopping you will find at Trolley Square you will also find an eclectic mix of amazing restaurants to curb those shopping hunger pangs.

It’s hard to miss Trolley Square with its iconic water tower and beautiful historical building. It’s an important piece of Utah history that the public is free to enjoy.

Once you walk in you don’t find the horde of Christmas shoppers you will find at the malls you find shoppers looking for the same relaxed shopping and dining experience as you. No rushing here… no running around like a mad person, just a refined shopping to fulfill everything on everyone’s wish list.  The vibe here is chill and that’s exactly what I need to make it through the holidays.

Be sure to stick around for my next post for an in-depth look at some of the great stores and restaurants inside Trolley Square! 



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