Moms Like To Rock Too! Rock Out In the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer!

February 2015
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You know you do it, you try to hide it, you don’t tell your friends, family and you definitely don’t let your neighbors see you do it but once you are out on the open road you turn that music up and you rock out!

You don’t care what complete strangers think, you’ll never see them again.  You’re a mom and you like to rock! There’s nothing quite like turning the music loud and pretending that you are the only person around. A kid-free car means no kiddie music, no old Mac Donald, no top 10 Mickey Mouse Hits, it’s time for your jams and you can listen to them as loud as you want to. The Rockford Fosgate premium sound system pumps up to 710 watts through nine speakers-including a 10-inch dual-voice coil sub-woofer with Punch Control-to deliver deep, rich bass and crystal-clear highs.

But part of what makes rocking out in your car so great is the car itself. It’s just not the same if you are driving a “mom” mobile, you know what I am talking about… uncomfortable seats, bad sound system, but just enough space for your little hooligans. Well I am here to say there is another option, an option that will make you look like the coolest mom on the block, but also comes with a killer sound system you can really rock out to. 

That option is the awesome 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer. 

At first sight I was concerned how comfortable the car would be, but once I got in the Lancer and drove it around for a bit I was amazed at how comfortable the seats were. The steering was also very comfortable and the Lancer is a super smooth ride, and you can’t forget about the Rockford Fosgate premium sound system! It will blow you away! Just sync up your phone or turn on the radio and in two seconds you will feel like you are front row at your favorite concert. Now I’m not saying you run out and buy a car just for the sound system, but that’s what’s so great about the Lancer it has that and so much more. 

My husband and I are split evenly between car and SUV I personally like a little more space and I like the option to off road while my husband loves the drive and fuel economy of a car. The Lancer happens to be a little bit of both! The Lancer has an All-Wheel Control (AWC) system that continually monitors the road and intelligently transfers power and braking to the wheels with the most traction to improve handling in even the most challenging conditions, including driving on snow or ice.

I took it off road and it handles beautifully! No need to shy away from a little off-roading, the Lancer is eager and ready to take it on. So if you are dreaming of an SUV but need to purchase a car for the cost, fuel economy or other reasons this is the vehicle for you! 

And moms you will have a sitter on speed dial so you can jump in the Lancer cruise down the road with the sunroof open and blast your favorite tunes! 

Check out more here about the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer.  


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