6 top reasons why the HP Envy Touchsmart should be your next laptop #AMDFX

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It’s becoming commonplace that most households have a laptop and it’s no secret why, the portability makes it ideal for a busy family that can’t always be grounded to one room. Whether you have teens that want to play games, smaller kids that want to watch a movie or you need to get work done a laptop is a great asset for any family. When choosing a laptop though it can get confusing which ones will give you more for your money.  One great option that has everything a busy tech family could ever need is the AMD FX APU – HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop and below are my top 5 reasons why it should be your next laptop! 

#1. Performance: The HP Envy Touchsmart has extreme performance with a powerful mobile processor to deliver exceptional Gaming and Entertainment experience. A slow performing laptop will not only be incredibly frustrating, but also make it impossible to play games or watch movies without issues. The HP Envy Touchsmart is equipped with AMD’s most powerful mobile processor and is sure to be able to handle any entertainment needs.  

#2. Graphics: You know you can’t go wrong when a laptop has award winning graphics and that’s what you will get with the HP Envy Touchsmart. 

#3. Weight: Now normally this isn’t even a factor with a PC, but when you get a laptop weight is huge! (or should I say small) You don’t want to feel like you are dragging around a rock.  I love a good arm workout, but not from my laptop. You need something light and portable and with the HP Envy Touchsmart weighing in at just 6.1 lbs. it will easily be portable. 

#4. Sound quality: Now this one is more of a personal preference, but if you are going to have a laptop with killer graphics and performance I believe you need an amazing sound system to round it off.  With built-in dual speakers with a subwoofer you will have rich audio and deep base for all your games, movies and more. 

#5. Touch Screen: It used to be that you were forced to choose either a laptop or a tablet, but now you can get both rolled into one device.  I love the touch screen! It makes simple little tasks so much easier and you don’t always have to have a mouse around. Touch, tap, glide and make the most of Windows 8. 

And last but not least…

#6. Sleek “Wow Factor”: I know what you’re saying… “What does this have to do with how well it works?” It doesn’t, I know it’s superficial, but you are going to be staring at this thing day in and day out. You want a sleek beautiful laptop that you are proud to show off and for this reason and all the ones above you are going to want and need the HP Envy Touchsmart.

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