The Mitsubishi Outlander: IIHS's 2015 Top Safety Pick and Mine

June 2015

When getting a new family vehicle I have found that you don’t want to skimp on comfort and space. I recently tested out the new 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander and it definitely checks off those two boxes. With three rows of seating and room for up to seven people it makes for a great family vehicle. Life with kids can get complicated when it comes to transportation; one day you need seats for your kids and their friends and the next you are attempting to ship off a school project that will take up your whole back seat—you need versatility.

While we were testing out the Mitsubishi Outlander we had a birthday party for my son that required us to transport some of his friends and those seven seats really came in handy. On another day, my daughter wanted to take her wagon full of popsicles and other treats to sell at the park. Unfortunately, the park is a little far from our house and I was concerned about how we would get her wagon there. With the Outlander we just folded down those back seats and we had all the room we needed to transport any non-passenger cargo—her wagon fit with plenty of room to spare.

One of my favorite features in almost any Mitsubishi is the Rockford Fosgate Sound System (you can check out my love for it here) I love music and I especially love rocking out in my car, what else are you going to do when you are stuck in traffic? When you open the back lift gate on the Mitsubishi Outlander the first thing that your eyes are drawn to is the huge subwoofer and once you turn on the sound system it packs a punch! When the kids are in the car I try not to blast them away, but they really enjoy the sound system too.

I am always concerned when you have more seating how practical it’s going to be for anyone to use the third row. If it’s a struggle to get kids into the back it just doesn’t seem worth it to me, but that wasn’t the case with the Outlander. They designed the second row of seats to be very easy to move and there was plenty of space for my son to get to the third row. He absolutely loved being in the back and having a whole row to himself most of the time and I loved the peace and quiet of having my kids separated. They are past the age of really fighting in the car, but somehow my kids having their own space made them peaceful and quiet on all of our drives.

Like I stated above comfort is a huge must on my list when considering a new vehicle and the Outlander steps up and hits a home run with the comfort level. You can’t beat heated seats, front Dual-zone climate control, the sweetest smooth ride and more. You know when you arrive home and you just sit there in the car and you don’t really want to get out; you have a comfortable vehicle. I found myself doing this with the Outlander pretty much every day.
When I think of my family driving down the road one word comes to mind—safety. Safety is a number one priority! Even with new laws and ad campaigns out there, I still see way too many drivers texting or talking on their phones while driving. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to stop those drivers, but I can make sure that my family is in a safe vehicle while out on the road.

The Outlander was named an IIHS 2015 TOP SAFETY PICK+ (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) To qualify for 2015 TOP SAFETY PICK+, a vehicle must earn good ratings in the moderate overlap front, side, roof strength and head restraint tests; a good or acceptable rating in the small overlap front test; and an advanced or superior rating for front crash prevention and the 2015 Outlander did just that!

This is huge for me—I need peace of mind while driving that my family is as safe as they can be. I love that the Outlander has Forward Collision Mitigation, if the available Forward Collision Mitigation6 system determines that a frontal collision is imminent, it warns the driver with audible and visual signals, and automatically applies emergency braking to reduce the severity of the collision. How awesome is that?! That’s a vehicle truly working and looking out for you!

If you are looking for a vehicle that can protect your family while still providing amazing versatility and comfort the 2015 Outlander is for you!

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